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In September 1982, 'Poppies Tea Rooms' opened for business, and legend has it the owners chose the name Poppies after they visited poppies cottages in Bali.

Since then it has become a favourite destination for those who love tasty and wholesome country cooking. 

In May 2000, Peter Norton acquired the business and for the last 20 years he has developed and enhanced Poppies further with additional elements including a Take Home Menu and Environmentally Friendly Systems.

We look forward to welcoming you to our coffee shop.


Opening Hours

Opening  Hours

Monday - Friday 8 am - 3pm

Saturday & Sunday 8am - 5pm

For take home food orders please allow 24 hours notice for the kitchen team, as we have limited food portions in stock day to day. 



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Poppies Menu

Food for Every Mood

Breakfast served til 12noon

Full Breakfast

(2 Sausages, 2 Bacon, Poached/ Scrambled Eggs on Toast) 

Light Breakfast 

(1 Sausage, 1 Bacon, Poached / Scrambled Eggs on Toast) 

Bacon or Sausage on Toast 

Eggs or Beans on Toast 

Breakfast Roll (Butter, Bacon & Sausage)

Pancakes (optional Bacon & Maple Syrup)

Porridge with Berries 

French Toast (with Bacon & Maple Syrup)

Smashed Avocado & Eggs   

(Eggs: Poached/ Scrambled)

Variety of Homemade Scones (with Kilmurry Jam & Butter) 

Selection of Pastries

Light Lunch

Homemade Soup (served with Homemade Brown Scone) 

Toasted Rustic Ciabatta or Wraps (served with Homemade Soup or Side Salad) 

Toasted Rustic Ciabatta or Wraps (also available to Take Away) 

Ciabata Options: Cajun Chicken & Cheddar Cheese, Cornation Chicken, Chicken Pesto & Buffalo Mozzarella, Buffalo Mozzarella & Tomato, Double Cheese & Onion.

Wrap Options: Tuna Melt with Cheddar Cheese, Chicken Caesar, Chicken & Stuffing

Side Salad 

Salad Platter

Please note our menus vary on a daily basis depending on the season etc.

Main Meals

Mac & Cheese (V) 

Aubergine & Courgette Bake (V) 

Vegetable Quiche (V) 

Potato Cakes (GF & V) 

Frittata (GF &V)

Shepherd's Pie (GF)

Salmon Bake (GF) 

Poppies Chicken 


Chicken & Mushroom Pie 

Ham & Leek Pie 

Ham Quiche 

Salmon Quiche 

Served with a Baked Potato or Side Salad. 

Please note our menus vary on a daily basis depending on the season etc.


Tea (Pot per Person) 

Variety of Java Republic Herbal Teas 

Hot Chocolate 

Soft Drinks 


White Americano 


Cafe Mocha 


Double Espresso 

Flat White 

Cafe Latte 

Soya or Oat Milk / Syrup / Extra Shot, additonal 50cent.


Bramley Apple Pie 

Rhubarb Crumble 

Mixed Berry Crumble 

Carrot Cake 

Lemon Drizzle Cake 


Toblerone Cake (GF)

Chocolate Cake 

Coffee Cake 

Banoffee Pie 

Selection of Squares (Broken Biscuit, Caramel Square, Rocky Road)

All desserts served with fresh cream or ice-cream.


Poppies Take Home Menu

Wholesome food with the minimum amount of effort


Take Home Menu

Opening Hours:

Monday - Friday 8am - 3pm

Saturday & Sunday 8am - 5pm

For take home food orders please allow 24 hours notice for the kitchen team, as we have limited food portions in stock day to day. 



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We know how much effort goes into staging events like christenings, communions, confirmations, parties & family occasions, so our home menu is ideal for the busy host looking to serve excellent quality, delicious & wholesome food with the minimum amount of effort.

Our take home menu is also very popular with locals midweek on the way home from work.

If you are catering for larger numbers, please feel free to contact us by popping into the shop and we would be delighted to discuss other menu options.

Poppies Mains

Mac & Cheese (V)

Macaroni pasta with our very own cheese sauce, made with butter, flour, milk & cheddar cheese. Very popular with our younger guests!

Aubergine & Courgette Bake  (V) (GF)

Chopped tomatoes, peppers, courgettes & garlic covered with aubergines & mozzarella cheese. 

Vegetable Quiche (V)

A pastry case with eggs & cream, slow baked for extra flavour. 

Potato Cakes (GF & V) 

Mixed seasonal vegetables, with floury mashed potatoes fried with a gluten free flour. 

Frittata (GF & V) 

Fried baby potoatoes, caramelised onions, spinach, cherry tomatoes, baked with eggs & cream, also known as a Spanish Omlette. 

Poppies Shepherd's Pie (GF)

Irish minced beef, baked with carrots, onions, herbs, beef stock & covered with creamy mashed potatoes. 

Fisherman's Pie (GF) 

In this traditional dish, poached cod, with carrot, parsnip, onion & creeam topped with a layer of creamy mashed potato, slow baked for extra flavour. 

Salmon Bake (GF)

Potatoes, salmon, spinach, onion, cream, topped with a layer of red cheddar cheese. 

Poppies Chicken 

Our most popular dish! Irish chicken in a creamy sauce with rice, celery & onions topped with cornflakes & almonds. Delicious!

Beef Lasagne

An old favourite! Irish minced beef baked with tomatoes, onions, garlic, grated carrot, mixed pepper, between layers of lasagne & finished with a grated cheese topping. 

Chicken & Mushroom Pie 

Irish chicken, baked with mushrooms & onions, blended with a creamy white sauce enclosed in a savoury pastry. 

Ham & Leek Pie 

Irish ham, baked with leeks & blended with a creamy white sauce enclosed in a savoury pastry. 

Ham Quiche 

A pastry case with eggs & cream, slow baked for extra flavour. 

Salmon Quiche 

A pastry case with eggs & cream, slow baked for extra flavour. 

Individual Portion €5

Meat / Chicken Dish €39 / Vegetarian Dish €36

Dishes serve 8-10 generous portions

V=Vegetarian    GF=Gluten Free

Heating Guidelines

Remove lid & place in a preheated oven (180C)

for 20-30mins.

Ensure product is piping hot in centre, if not, allow a further 5-10mins in the oven.

Poppies Salads


Freshly shredded Savoy cabbage & grated carrot in a creamy mayonnaise. 

Persian Salad

Grated carrot & courgette with fresh orange pieces & grated zest in a tangy orange dressing. 

Red Berry Cabbage

Red Cabbage with mixed berries

Tossed Salad

Mange tout, tomato, cucumber, red onion & peppers in a light vinaigrette. 

Celery & Apple Salad

Celery & apple with mayonnaise. 

Summer Salad

Tomato, celery, cucumber sliced red onion & sweetcorn in a light vinaigrette & olive oil dressing with chopped parsley.

Broccoli & Nut

Broccoli florets, carrot sticks & chopped almonds with mayonnaise. 

Cous Cous

Cous-cous cooked with cracked black peppercorns, mixed with green beans, sweetcorn, diced onion, grated carrot & a mild garlic dressing. 

Mexican Salad

Pasta with tomato, sliced onion & sweetcorn in our own recipe dressing using fresh basil, chillies & roasted peppers. 

Crunchy Salad

Peppers, celery & mangetout in our own recipe. 

1kg Salad, €11

Poppies Homemade Desserts

Bramley Apple Pie

Generous chunks of Bramley apples in a homemade buttery shortbread pastry.

(6 Portions) €12

Rhubarb Crumble 

Our No.1 Dessert for over 30 years!

Berry Crumble

An assortment of seasonal berries topped with a homemade crunchy crumble. 

Carrot Cake

A rich moist carrot cake made with an assortment of spices & walnuts topped with a delicious cream cheese icing. 

Lemon Drizzle Cake

A rich lemon zest Madeira texture, covered with a fondant icing and lemon curd. 

Homemade Cheesecake

A buttery biscuit base covered with season fruit, blended with mascarpone cheese, sugar & cream. 

Toblerone Cake (GF)

A tasty almond base with a rich chocolate cream & smooth milk chocolate mousse. Topped with a generous sprinkle of Toblerone chunks, all deliciously smothered with milk chocolate.

Chocolate Cake

A rich moist chocolate sponge layered with fudge sauce, covered with a chocolate icing. 

Coffee Cake 

A moist coffee sponge cake with a coffee icing. 

Homemade Banoffee Pie

Buttery biscuit base topped with a layer of caramel & sliced bananas with fresh whipped cream & chocolate shavings. 

All our cakes serve 12 generous portions & cost €28.

We would be happy to personalise them upon request. 



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Place an Order

Please allow 24 hours notice for the kitchen team, as we have limited food portions in stock day to day. 

Opening Hours:

Monday - Friday 8am - 3pm

Saturday & Sunday 8am - 5pm

Orders can be collected in-store or delivery can be arranged for orders over €30 & within a 5km radius.


Environmentally Friendly


Solar Panels

Poppies uses eco-friendly energy sources for the supply of electricity and water

Poppies has invested in green technology, it has a 2x2 twenty tube meter solar panel situated at the rear of the café that heats our water. The solar contribution to Hot water is 1156kWh per annum. In the summers of 2018 and 2019, the solar panel generated all of Poppies hot water needs.

Poppies has invested in long life energy saving bulbs/ LED lighting and uses sensors to ensure that energy is not being used unnecessarily.

Recyclable Packaging

Poppies is eco-friendly in many ways especially by making all take-away packaging recyclable and have ceased selling any products that use plastic packaging and only sell drinks that are either glass or aluminium cans (no plastic bottles ending up in landfill). Poppies only uses recyclable take away cups and packaging, compostable straws and cutlery and even has its own reusable cups. The use of reusable cups is greatly encouraged in Poppies and it offers a 25c discount when these are used. Since the introduction of the recyclable cups, Poppies have saved in the region of 92,000 cups from ending up in landfill.

Community Involvement

Since appearing on RTE’s Prime Time, there has been a lot of interest in the whole concept of rainwater harvesting. From a business point of view, we have also insulated ourselves from potential problems with the environment, the wild storms and heat of the summer can play havoc with the quality of municipal supply, but since the introduction of the rainsafe unit, this is no longer the case. Customers are fascinated by the whole process and are delighted we have taken the bold step. We regularly let people view the unit and are happy to explain the whole process. 

A recent innovation has been the introduction of the ‘slug free gardening’ initiative, instead of throwing away the used coffee granules, we package them up and give them away for free. As the granules have a ph value of 6.9 they are ideal for nitrogen loving plants and slugs hate them. It has also led to a 26% reduction in the cost of disposal of compostable waste.

Poppies also looks after the nutritional needs of a local pony by giving a customer buckets of fruit and vegetables that are not suitable for serving.

Environmentally Aware Customers

As many vehicles emit very high levels of carbon into the environment, many people have switched to public transport and also different modes of transport such as cycling in order to cut down on that level. With cyclists being one of the main customer bases for Poppies, it actively welcomes cyclists by providing bike racks, foot pumps, cycle repair kits and a bicycle tool kit and of course filling up their bottles with recycled rain water.

Supporting Local & Irish Businesses

To keep its carbon footprint low and to avoid importing supplies from overseas, but to also to keep the quality of its products high, all of Poppies’ suppliers are Irish, the majority are local (bread, preserves, vegetables). Poppies also insist that all suppliers take back/ reuse its cardboard packaging, again keeping the waste of such materials to a minimum.

Harvest Rainwater

Because of Poppies' commitment to the environment and because of local water quality issues, (high levels of fluoride and chlorine), the decision was taken to invest in rainwater harvesting. After a lot of research, Poppies chose H2ozone as their partner in the project.

After the introduction of the filtering system and storage tank, Poppies were able to collect and harvest water which was much cleaner than other local water. This water is supplied to all taps and toilets in the café.


Poppies got involved in the early Beta stages and initially only used the harvested water to supply the toilets. After two years of testing and various upgrades to the rainsafe unit, Poppies took the bold step of using the RainSafe unit to produce all its water.

Harvesting process

The rain water is collected via the roof and after an initial filtering is held in a storage tank, the water is then fed to the rain safe unit and is filtered on demand. If there is no rain the tank is filled using municipal (mains) water.  The unit can filter 50 litres per minute and can easily match the needs of the business.  H2Ozone patented Technology completely eradicates all harmful bacteria and pathogens from all water sources.

Push Taps

Poppies installed push taps in its toilets to ensure taps are not left running and wasting water.

Waste Water Process

Waste water is also filtered via the Grease trap (Big Dipper W-200-IS) to ensure oil and debris is removed before the water leaves the premises and prior to entering the system. It has the capacity to handle 1.24 litres per second.  This not only complies with FOG legislation, but it greatly helps the local water treatment facility.

Java Republic

 Our coffee preference for Poppies is Java Republic's blend Mestizo 

'An explosion of flavour that gives way to a round and smooth taste. Featuring notes of raspberry and caramel with a clean finish'.

50% COSTA RICA | 25% BRAZIL | 25% PERU

Carbon Neutral

Java Republic is the first purpose-built carbon neutral roastery in the world.

In 2008 they installed their energy cabin. This is a containerised wood pellet boiler which provides all of our hot water and heating for the building. They burn 13.5 tonnes of pellets each year which provides 60kWh gas units.

Since 2011 Java Republic is a proudly Carbon Neutral company. They were the first purpose-built Carbon Neutral Roastery in the world. Every year they engage in different projects worldwide that help combat global climate change and support local communities.

Sanity System

Covid-19 is spread by droplet infection (sneezing, touching, coughing).

The best way to avoid spreading the virus is to engage in hand washing, proper sanitary care and social distancing (3 feet).

We have implemented the Sanity System which generates a special form of oxygen, Ozone (03).

This has direct anti-viral and antibacterial properties and effectively eliminates 99.9% of microbes.

Technology has been shown to kill MRSA, SARS, MERS and Covid-19 a member of the Sars group of viruses.

We will be using our Sanity System regularly to ensure your health and wellbeing is our number one priority.

The Covid-19 Safety Charter for Tourism & Hospitality Businesses

Poppies are delighted to be part of this great initiative by Failte Ireland.
We passed our inspection in July 2020, the first cafe in Ireland to do so!


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+353 1 282 88 69

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The Square, Enniskerry, Co Wicklow, Ireland



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